With a K-Guard Gutter System, You Can Put Your Ladder Away - for GOOD!
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Sounds Too Good to Be True? It's Not! Our Leaf Free
Gutter System Is Guaranteed to NEVER Clog!

K-Guard Nebraska Opens In Omaha, NE

K-Guard Will Keep You off the Ladder, Thus Eliminating the Risk of Ladder Injuries!

If you have or have ever had a traditional open-top gutter system, then you already know that in order to keep it clog-free, regular cleaning is an absolute MUST! When it comes to performing this regular cleaning, you have two options 1) you can climb a ladder and clean the gutters yourself or 2) you can hire someone else to do it for you. Neither option is ideal as option one can be dangerous and tedious, and option two can become expensive.

However, if you neglect your gutters, and allow leaves, pine needles and other organic debris to build up, your gutter system will become clogged which could then lead to expensive problems, such as wet basements, foundation damage, water leaks in the attic and walls, wood rot, mold, termite infestations, landscape damage, ice dams and so much more.

While cleaning your gutters used to be the only way to protect your home from the damage caused by clogs and overflowing, today, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System can protect your gutters against clogs while also allowing water to flow freely. How have we made that possible? It's simple; our gutter systems unique design features a built-in, debris-shedding hood which virtually eliminates the possibility of leaves, pine needles, and other gunk from entering the system.

With the above information being said, if you're tired of cleaning your gutters or tired of paying someone else to clean them for you, installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System can save you time, money and hassle. Give us a call today to get started!

If You MUST Use Your Ladder, Here Are Some Important Tips

If you're going to use your ladder, here are some important tips from the National Safety Council regarding the safe use of ladders:

  • Always keep at least three points of contact with the ladder (i.e. two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand)
  • Place the base on a firm, solid surface
  • A straight or extension ladder should be placed 1 foot away from the surface it rests against for every 4 feet of ladder height
  • When you climb, always face the ladder and grip the rungs, not the side rails
  • Climb down a ladder one rung at a time
  • Do not climb with tools in hand – use a tool belt
  • Keep your body between the ladder side rails when climbing
  • Do not lean or overreach – reposition the ladder closer to the work instead
  • Tie down a ladder when using it outdoors and do not use it in windy or inclement weather

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K-Guard Nebraska
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K-Guard Nebraska

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Omaha: 402.999.0311
Lincoln: 402.999.0329

K-Guard Never Clogs

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