If You Have an Uncleaned Gutter System, You Might Find These Things Inside!
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Leaves, Weeds, Wildlife, Muck, Sludge and More!

Uncleaned Gutters Carry More Than Just Leaves & Pine Needles

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These Six Things Are Commonly Found Inside Clogged Gutters!

We know how easy it is for homeowners to avoid cleaning their gutters because they're "out of sight, out of mind," right? But going season after season without cleaning your gutters is extremely harmful to your home and its foundation. An accumulation of debris and dirt will cause blockages and clogs. This will lead to water building up and spilling over near your home's foundation, where it can cause significant water damage. To your surprise, your unclean gutters are probably carrying more than just leaves and pine needles. Here are six common things found in unclean gutters:



Leaves are the most common clogging culprit. During autumn, your trees and the trees of your neighbors are likely to shed an abundance of leaves. These falling leaves find a home in your gutters, causing your free-flowing gutter system to become clogged. Although a few leaves in your gutters may seem like nothing, as blockages begin to form and water starts to spill over the sides onto the perimeter of your home, severe damage is very likely to occur.



Sadly, weeds are incredibly resilient and resourceful, allowing them to grow in the toughest of conditions. Sometimes, all a seed needs is a tiny bit of moisture to sprout and take root. Debris in your gutters (like decaying leaves) are common recipes for soil that weeds love. Keeping your gutters uncleaned will lead to a small garden forming in your eaves, not only impeding on the flow of rainwater away from your home but also immensely depleting your home’s curb appeal.



Insects and rodents love damp places to put their nests as they can easily find food and create a safe haven for their families. Just imagine the day you finally decide to have your gutters cleaned, and a family of pests is waiting to attack above your head. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, feral cats, possums, earthworms, lizards, and, yes, snakes are likely inhabitants of your uncleaned gutters. Doing a regular inspection and clean out will discourage this behavior. If they continue to come back, gutter guards should help turn away animals.


Muck and Sludge

When twigs, leaves, pine cones, shingle grit, and mud get stuck into your gutters, it eventually breaks down into a black, slimy concoction of rotten material. This mixture will easily clog your gutters, interrupting the flow of water and rendering your gutter system useless, which can lead to costly damages to your roof, landscaping, and foundation.


Children's Toys

If you live in a residential area with a lot of kids, expect balls, Frisbees, and an assortment of other toys to be found in your gutters. It is likely that these toys landed on the roof and then traveled down toward the gutter where they became stuck.


Spinners and Tassels

Spinners and tassels can seem harmless until you realize that they are the reason behind your clogged gutters. Small needles, oak tassels, and maple spinners can quickly clog your gutter system and damage your roof, landscaping, and foundation. If spinners and tassels are continuously filling up your gutters, you might want to invest in gutter guards. If not, hire our affordable and professional gutter cleaners!

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Never Worry About Anything Getting Inside Your Gutters Again

When you choose a K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, you will NEVER again have to worry about anything getting inside your gutter system! As a matter of fact, water flows along our systems reverse curve and removable hood and into the gutter system while leaves and debris are shielded from entering the system. If you would like to get started today, please feel free to give us a call, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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