Not Every Warranty Is Created Equal! See for Yourself!
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Here Is a Warranty Comparison Table to Decide for Youself!

Do You Research Before Signing Any Contracts

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Don't Believe Everything You Hear or Read

Some companies put product comparisons on their websites that are opinions rather than facts. Below you'll find a comparison table which includes not only the K-Guard warranty but some of our competing products as well. You may be surprised at some of the exclusions and disclaimers you find in our competitor's warranties. This comparison chart, however, will make it clear that K-Guard is the only product that has a warranty that will assure that

you don’t have to climb a ladder to deal with your gutters anymore. Effective gutter protection requires a significant investment so it's important that you are aware of misleading warranty claims that you may see in advertisements or that you might hear from salesmen. Always insist that you're provided with an actual copy of the legal warranty document for any gutter protection product that you are considering purchasing prior to signing any contracts.

A performance warranty is an indication of the quality and effectiveness of the product in question. Better products provide better warranties because they can and will perform as intended. Lesser products use fine print and exclusions to mask the weaknesses of their product. Don't believe us? Take a look at the warranty comparison chart below and see for yourself just what we're talking about!

Actual Warranty Comparisons

Product Solution Fine Print Exclusions Homeowner Maintenance
K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters Lifetime No-Clog Warranty None None None
Leaf Filters "Lifetime Money Back Guarantee" Only the dealer material cost is refunded. Warranty covers only the interior of the gutter. Clogging of the leaf filter screen is not covered and the screen must be cleaned by the homeowner. Faulty installation; insufficient downspouts. Homeowner must clean debris from the top of the leaf filter screen.
Gutter Cover Company Keep gutters free-flowing Warranty may be void if not "properly registered..." Existing gutter not sloped properly OR gutters improperly serviced. "May be necessary to spray off... a few times per year."
Leaf Solution Screen 25 Year No Clog Guarantee Warranty not available online. Warranty not available online. Homeowner must clean debris from top of leaf solutions screen.
Gutter Helmet Lifetime NO-Clog Warranty "Warranty may be void if not properly registered..." Existing gutters not properly aligned and pitched. Periodic spray cleaning with a high pressure garden hose nozzle or pressure.
Product comparisons chart

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