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At KGN Roofing we pride ourselves on taking on many roofing projects that other roofers turn away from. We understand that 90% of roof leaks are built into the roof the day it is installed. Quality control in roofing is everything, which is why we manage every project from start to finish. Roofs fail for many reasons, but those reasons are usually not because of the shingles (residential roofing) or rubber membrane (commercial roofing), however the detail components of the roof system.

Many roof leaks and/or roof failures are “systems” related, such as flashing, roof valleys, curbing, chimneys, around AC units, etc. Installing the whole roof system correctly, is what ensures the longevity of your roof system.

When you hire KGN Roofing for your roof installation or roof repair, you get the best trained and most experienced roofers in the Midwest. Though difficult and physically taxing at times, installing a new commercial or residential roof system is something we find great purpose in doing. We understand building a great roof is about building a great roof system, and that roof system protects everything in that home or business. We are the Midwest roofing specialists!

The Best Guttering System, Period!
The Best Guttering System, Period!

KGN Roofing

At KGN Roofing we know how unpredictable and violent the weather can be here in the Midwest. What is predictable is the professional level of service KGN Roofing provides. New construction, re-roofs, roofing and flashing repair and so much more.
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K-Guard Never Clogs!

K-Guard has the proven solution you need, if you are tired of having to clean your clogged gutters. Our gutter protection system comes with the best warranty in the industry. K-Guard is your go-to contractor for quality gutter protection solutions and professional installation in all of Nebraska.



Customer Service Is Our Top Priority: KGN Roofing is here to provide you with high rate contracting services. Whether you need a minor repair or your entire roof needs replaced, we'll be here to do it because, in our eyes, no project is too large or too small. Our team members go above and beyond to treat every customer with the attention and detail they seek and deserve.


Locally Owned Company: Our Roofing Company is based in the Omaha, Nebraska and we have over 25 years of roofing experience.


Elite Workmanship: Our installers are the best of the best. No shortcuts here as we take pride in our work, and we abide by manufacturer guidelines. Following manufacturer guidelines for installations is critical as we intend to warranty every roof we work on.


First Rate Materials: Our products are discussed with each and every customer as our employees provide an elite list to choose from. The materials we use range from GAF, Owens Corning, EPDM, TPO & PVC, etc. As noted above, our product list is elite and selective.


Affordable: Our employees feel it's important to work one on one with every customer and pay particular attention to one's budget. Our customer's financial situations vary so being attentive and understanding to a customer’s needs is essential to us.


Insurance Claim Specialists: While insurance companies can be fair most of the time, an experienced field or desk adjuster can cost you thousands of dollars. Let us meet with your adjuster today to reach an agreement that you deserve.


Select Variety: Weather in Nebraska can be extremely unpredictable which is why we offer a wide variety roofing materials that'll withstand the damaging weather conditions. Take a look at our roofing section to learn more about KGN Roofing.


Premier Quality: Between our superior customer service, outstanding workmanship and high-quality materials, the overall quality of our company cannot be matched. Unfortunately, however, a few bad apples in the area can stereotype roofing companies. Let us prove to you with our referrals that our company is the one you desire.


Reliable: Dependable, trustworthy and punctual is how we can separate our company from all the rest. We arrive on time and complete the job in a reasonable amount of time. We understand weather can factor in, so we always plan our projects at times we can guarantee a punctual schedule of completion.


Referral Program: When you spread the word regarding our services, we pay you cash! Whether it's a friend, neighbor relative or co-worker, if you give us the opportunity to work with another customer, you'll benefit with us.

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K-Guard Never Clogs

"Make Cleaning Your Gutters This Time, Your Last Time!"
with our: NO Maintenance, NO Exclusion Warranty!

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